Kofax is a leading provider of software to simplify and transform the First Mile of business. We combine market leading capture, content, process management, data integration, mobile, e-signature, customer communications management, search and analytics capabilities from Kofax, Perceptive Software and ReadSoft into a unified process automation development and deployment platform. This platform enables organizations to increase their responsiveness to customers, provide better service, gain a competitive advantage and better grow their businesses while reducing operating costs.

Kofax platform enables organizations to


increase their responsiveness to customers

provide better service

gain a competitive advantage

grow their businesses while reducing operating costs

Kofax Express™

Easy scanning of archive documents

Intuitive and user-friendly interface


Easy to scale and expand


Powerful document scanning application that allows you to review images, index them in real time, and automatically perform barcode recognition. This app is designed for low complexity processes where speed and fast usability are essential. Kofax's patented VirtualReScan® (VRS) technology ensures optimal image quality, reduces errors and exceptions, and improves system efficiency. Kofax Express can export captured images and data to a variety of enterprise systems, including Microsoft SharePoint® and Kofax Capture.

Kofax Capture™

Automate, accelerate, and scale information capture

Automatic barcode recognition

Document indexing

integrated analytics


A powerful platform that transforms your organization's processes and content usage. While legacy enterprise content management systems simply scan and store content, Kofax Capture captures, processes and integrates content directly into your critical business workflow and systems from anywhere. The result? Complete process transparency, easy management and full insight into the organization's documents and data. Automate and accelerate business processes with a powerful, flexible platform that provides a standardized and consistent process for securely capturing all types of information and scaling across the organization.

Kofax Transformation™

Extenson for Kofax Capture

Automatic document classification and separation

Retrieval and validation options

Tool for automating time-consuming processes


Kofax Transformation complements Kofax Capture with automation of cognitive document processing - document classification, separation, as well as data retrieval and validation capabilities. Automating those processes in companies that were previously labor-intensive, inefficient, erroneous and time-consuming document processing tasks. This solution can significantly reduce labor costs, increase productivity and efficiency, speed up business processes. Kofax Transformation uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to recognize and understand any document.

Kofax TotalAgility®

Combining multiple data streams into one

Interpreting unstructured data


Highly customizable solution for business needs


Transform critical first engagement processes by combining different technologies into a modern, universal channel solution. Smart business processes - specialized, highly customizable, mobile applications for customer engagement. The ability to create a seamless, real-time link between customers and information systems that help manage your business processes. The most important information in one stream.

Our company SIA DigitalStream, as the only authorized partner in Latvia, offers to find the most suitable solutions for your company from Kofax’s wide range of software. Kofax highly appreciates the performance of DigitalStream in successfully representing the company’s interests in Latvia that is why our company has acquired the status of a Silver Partner.

About the suitability of these solutions for your business needs, as well as other products available, contact us.