1. Privacy Policy

1.1. This website is owned, maintained and managed by DIGITALSTREAM LTD, registration number: 40003613252, legal address Kleistu street 18A-2, Riga, LV-1067, actual address Kleistu street 18A-2, Riga, LV-1067. DIGITALSTREAM LTDprotects and cares about the privacy of the website visitors and the protection of personal data. DIGITALSTREAM LTDundertakes to respect your right to the legal processing and protection of personal data, as well as to observe applicable personal data protection laws –Personal Data Processing Law and other regulatory enactments, if applicable to data processing.

1.2. This privacy policy provides information on how DIGITALSTREAM LTD collects and processes your personal information when you visit and use the website at https://digitalstream.lv.

2. Data collection and usage

2.1. The DIGITALSTREAM LTDcollects, stores and uses the following personal data:

2.1.1. Information about your computer and the Web Site visitation and use (including your geographic location, web browser type of device that you use for viewing pages);

2.1.2. The information you provide to log in to the newsletter of the products;

2.1.3. Any other information you wish to send to DIGITALSTREAM LTD.

2.2. Using the data obtained, DIGITALSTREAM LTD can inform you about the goods, events and news related to the Web Site.

2.3. At any time, you can delete your name from the target group list if you do not want to receive information about the product, events and news.

2.4. DIGITALSTREAM LTD undertakes to do everything possible to ensure appropriate data security.

3. Data storage

3.1. DIGITALSTREAM owned servers and third-party servers (data centre) in which DIGITALSTREAM LTD processes and stores data located only in the territory of the European Union (Latvia).

3.2. DIGITALSTREAM LTD undertakes to ensure the acquired customer data accuracy and compliance.

4. Access to data

4.1. DIGITALSTREAM LTD may disclose your data if there is reason to believe that:

4.1.1. this information is necessary to identify, detect or initiate legal action against any person who may cause any harm to another person or to DIGITALSTREAM LTD, threatening his rights, property or activity, and exposing such and similar risks to other users of the Web Site;

4.1.2. this must be done in the light of the requirements of the regulatory enactments or, when requested by the competent authorities.

4.2. The user is entitled to receive the following information by submitting a written request:

4.2.1. what information about the him/her was obtained, the source of the data when the last data changes were made;

4.2.2. the purpose of which was the processing of data made and information about data recipients

5. Use of Internet Protocol addresses

5.1. An IP address is a string of numbers that is automatically assigned to a computer every time a user logs in to their internet service provider, after that IP address, they can automatically identify the user’s computer.

5.2. DIGITALSTREAM LTD can collect these addresses for system administration and website audit purposes. DIGITALSTREAM LTD does not aim to add a user’s IP address to its personally identifying information, which means that every user’s session is logged, but the user himself remains anonymous.

5.3. DIGITALSTREAM LTD may use these IP addresses to identify users of the site in situations where it is considered necessary to ensure that their behaviour complies with the website’s conditions of use, therefore, to protect the Web Site and other users.

6. Cookies

6.1. Cookies are small text files that provide information on how often a user visits a website and what exactly the user is doing in a timely manner. Cookies do not contain any personally identifying information, but if the user provides such information himself, this information can be combined with the data contained in the cookie.

6.2. DIGITALSTREAM LTD can put cookies on users’ computer browsers.

7. Security

7.1. DIGITALSTREAM LTD uses secure data systems and, if necessary, is also ready to take additional security measures to protect user data from disappearance, misuse and modification.

7.2. Access to the information entrusted to the user of the Web Site is restricted to specially authorized DIGITALSTREAM LTD employees.

8. Binding conditions

By endorsing personal data and / or other personal information, users of the Web Site assert that they are bound by these privacy policy conditions and they acknowledge that the DIGITALSTREAM LTD is entitled to handle this information in cases and in the extent defined in this document

9. Changes

These privacy terms can be changed at any time, which is why users are encouraged to check back regularly.